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                                                                              LEISURE INTERNATIONAL

                   BUY DIRECT FROM THE


                   American Leisure lamps are simply quality at it’s best. We have the
                   best and most experienced tanning developers at our company,
                   they have spent years at the tanning lamp manufacturers and
                   now bring their experience direct to the public. All our lamps are

                   guaranteed a minimum of 800 hours and in some instances, they
                   are 1000 hours.

                   We also offer a fitting service with removal of old lamps.

                   American Leisure are proud to announce that salons, gyms and
                   hotels can now rent/lease our new equipment direct from us.
                   American Leisure are constantly striving for ways to make their
                   products the very best and to give their clients that unique tanning

                   experience. American Leisure are famous for their twist range of
                   lamps that have transformed tanning Worldwide.

                   American Leisure stands for quality and performance and, more
                   importantly, customer satisfaction.

                   Visit our New Website:


                    MAXI TWIST                                     DREAM-LITE

                    BLU INFINITY                                  HYBRID 1000

                     I-BRITE TWIST                                FACIAL LAMPS/ STARTERS

                    LIME LITE TWIST                               TANNING EQUIPMENT

                     EXCELLENCE                                   RENTAL

                    WICKED                                        TWIST CLEAN

                                                                       ORDER NOW TEL: 0800 049 6575
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