Sunbed Extras

Sunbed Extras


Vertical Tanning Handle Straps

Eliminate  discomfort with these tanning straps. Also aids underarm tanning.

Short strap: 28cm

Long strap: 53cm

Floor Mats (Circular)

These foams circular floor mats are perfect for vertical units. Available in a choice of colours, the mats are easy to clean, by simply wiping down after use.

Floor Mats (Rectangular)

These floor mats are ideal for the sunbed room. Easy to clean and very hardwearing.

Acrylic Pillow

Ergonomically designed with a sleek, transparent, modern look. Easy to clean and sanitise. Features non-skid feed to keep the pillow in place without slipping on your tanning bed acrylic.

Foam Pillows

These tanning pillows are made from the finest materials and more than meet the demands of a busy sunbed.


Centrefeed Hand Towels / Dispensers

Dispenser available in both standard and mini sizes for rolled hand towels. Wall mounted UVPC, easy to clean and lockable.

Beauty Couch Rolls / Dispensers

Wall mounted dispensers designed to be used to hold and protect the couch roll from damage and contamination. Easy to clean and lockable.

  • 20" Beauty Couch Rolls (Box of 9)
  • 20" Dispenser (Fits Wall with Cover)
  • 10" Beauty Couch Rolls (Box of 18)
  • 10" Dispenser (Fits Wall with Cover)


Disposable Cups with Lids

Disposable graduated 30ml measure, with lids. Use as sample cups or for retail with bulk dispensing units.

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