Salon Stationery


Client Record Card Starter Kit

These easy to use filing systems are designed to store all your record cards. Available in small or large sizes, holding 200 or 1000 cards respectively.


Premium Client Record Cards

Gatefold premium client record card fits existing Bliss filing systems, and provides you with comprehensive customer details (includes skin type chart, client disclaimer, appointments and client information on the use of tanning lotions).


Tanning Loyalty Cards

Turn those 'now and again' customers into long term spenders! These special cards encourage loyalty and regular visits. Available in two sizes.

Sanitised Signs

Show the cleanliness of your salon with these convenient signs.

Client Record Cards

Designed to hold all the relevant client information you need. Reverse side with space for appointments.

Appointment Cards

Help your customers remember those appointments. Handy sized cards for customer appointments.

Gift Certificates

Professionally printed gift vouchers with a space for the purchase value made or course purchased. Gift vouchers come with bright yellow coloured envelopes.

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