High Pressure Facials and Starters

High Pressure Facials

We supply all makes and models of High Pressure Facials. All a minimum of 800 hours.

We offer the best quality single, double ended and wired facial tubes, with the complete range of wattage available.

Contrary to belief, high pressure facials do have a life span and they require changing around 800 hours. There are lots of different types of HPFs. If you are unsure, simply quote the model of tanning unit you have and we will do the rest!




Starters are one of the most under-rated componants when it comes to performance of lamps. A lamp starter is the connection between the ballast and the lamp, an unchanged starter can result in new lamps blackening very quickly at the top and the bottom, making new lamps look old. Also, an old starter will not ignight the lamp properly, this causes the lamp to flicker when trying to fire up.

There are different types of quality when it comes to starters, the American Leisure starter begins at 80 watts and goes up to 225 watts for ballast, so it actually covers all types of lamp wattage. The American Leisure starter gives an excellent performance throughout the full length of a new lamp life.

The starter will last longer than one re-tube, however it is always recommended when you change your lamps that you also replace the starter.

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