Classic Line

Classic Line



Step 1 Tanning Spray

This two-stage product is especially suitable for people with sensitive skin who want to build up an attractive base tan quickly and safely. It contains a special plant based Tyrosine Complex which accelerates Melanin synthesis in the early tanning phases.

Beta Dark

Step 2 Tanning Spray

A product that offers the well known advantages of two-stage tanning solutions. Beta Carotene, Vitamins A & E, as well as a plant based Tyrosine Complex for the second phase of tanning, make it possible to accelerate tanning remarkably!

Super Dark

Step 3 Tanning Spray

This is a formula designed specifically for the third stage of tanning for people with less sensitive skin who wish to achieve an especially deep, dark tan. Its tropical oils and other skincare ingredients make skin soft, supple and resilient.

Super Dark Ampules

Two-stage mini bottle with special opening for precise dosage, design for one-time use.

As in other two-stage products, shaking the ampule causes micro-mixing of the ingredients. Ampule design allows customers to apply the product precisely where they need it.

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