Smartlite Blu Infinity Twist

Smartlite Blu-Infinity Twist

Introducing the most innovative tanning lamp on the market...

This stunning, brilliant bright electric blue ambiance combined with the state of the art patented twisted glass effect gives the salon operator an unparalleled advantage on all the competition using the normal flat lamps.

The Smartlite Blue Infinity tanning performance and results from this perfectly formed lamp are of the highest calibre.

Due to its unique internal complex properties and combined patented glass technology , these lamps provide a perfect, long lasting dark glowing tan.

Relative Spectral Irradiance vs Wavelength


Unique 3 wavelengths in one tube Smartlite Blu Infinity Twist is the revolution as such. The 3 most important wavelengths have been combined in one single tube for the first time worldwide.

The Smartlite Blu Infinity Twist boasts the highest levels of tanning effect in the market, making it the most unique twisted tanning lamp available. It gives the ultimate perfect tanning performance every time.


Lamp Benefits

  • Excellent Tanning
  • Long lasting Dark Tan
  • Healthy looking skin
  • Produces vitamin D
  • Purifies your skin
  • Optimised level of UVA
  • Perfect skin
  • Perfect tan
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