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American Leisure – Welcome

American Leisure International have been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing innovative and technologically advanced tanning equipment, lamps and now tanning lotions throughout Europe.

American Leisure International offer the very latest in lamp technology, with products such as The Collatan Maxi Twist, which revolutionised the tanning industry, along with The Blu Infinity and the new I-Brite Twist. The American Leisure Tanning Range has in excess of 50 types of lamps, but also offer many more for own brand development.


New Tanning Equipment

New Tanning Equipment available to purchase

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American Leisure

Reconditioned Tanning Equipment

Top Brands available, Fully refurbished to the highest standards. Many Models and brands available.

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New Products Coming Soon

American Leisure

Blu Infinity Twist 0.3

This stunning, brilliant bright electric blue ambiance combined with the state of the art patented twisted glass effect gives the salon operator an unparalleled advantage on all the competition using the normal flat lamps.

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American Leisure Excellence 0.3

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Blu-Infinity Twist (VTU)

The new Blu-Infinity Twist VTU comes in both 48 + 60 tubes.

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High Pressure Facial Lamps

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American Leisure

I-Brite Twist 0.3

The new I BriteTwist Lamp is the very latest member of the Twist family. It has been specifically designed using the most up to date technology to give it an ice white glow.

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I-Brite Twist (VTU)

The new I-Brite Twist VTU is in a class of its own. It is designed exclusively for the I-Brite Lamp.

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Collatan Maxi Twist (VTU)

The new Collatan twist VTU is in a class of its own. It is designed exclusively for the Collatan Lamp.

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American Leisure

Collatan Maxi Twist 0.3

This spectacular lamp is the latest in tanning innovation. Manufactured only for American Leisure International, it contains the four major wavelengths, – UVA, UVB, Red light therapy & Blue light therapy and is the world’s first Collatan Maxi Twist Lamp.

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Elle McCracken

International Sales Development Manager

+36 70 622 3543

Csaba Varga

Director of Technical Design / Support

+36 70 622 7543

General Enquiries - sales@americanleisureint.com

Free Phone - 0800 0469 659

Hire A Sunbed In The UK

With over 20 years' experience as a leading sunbed distributer in the country, American Leisure provide a stunning range of Sunbeds For Sale UK at very competitive prices. With a proven track record for delivering first-class service and after sale support, American Leisure will surpass your expectations. Take advantage of great UK deals on sunbeds for sale that include technologically advanced twist models.

Rent A Sunbed

For technologically advanced Tanning Lamps American Leisure lead the way in tanning equipment innovation. Their range of modern tanning lamps are unrivalled; manufactured and designed to the highest specifications within the tanning industry. Boasting a model range that includes the revolutionary designed 'twist' - Collatan Maxi, Blu Infinity, I-Brite- American Leisure continue to 'set the standard' in tanning lamp development.

Sunbed Tubes

American Leisure have a large stock of Sunbed Tubes available for distribution to any specified location. As part of their commitment to deliver a service that exceeds expectations, all sunbed tubes are of the highest standards of design and manufacture guaranteed. American Leisure's team of specialist engineers offer re-tubing within their comprehensive sunbed tube service.

Reconditioned Sunbeds

Taking the tanning world by storm, twist lamps are a stunning innovation that not only deliver perfect, natural looking tanning results but also aid maximum performance and stability; due to its larger area service compared to conventional lamps. American Leisure has the twist lamp technology incorporated within a number of its products that include The Blu Infinity Twist 0.3, Collatan Maxi Twist 0.3 and the newest addition- The I-Brite Twist.